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To Love and Be Loved: A Retreat for Couples
November 14th - 16th, 2014, at the Wayfarer
With Louis Carosio and Trinity Harris Carosio

  November Retreat is full!  Please email Trinity if you would like to join our waiting list.  Or join us February 20th - 22nd for our next retreat

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Hello, we are Trinity Harris and Louis Carosio and we are the co-founders of Pathways to Radiant Loving.  We offer couples counseling in Eugene, Oregon and retreats for couples in both Oregon and Washington. 

Our Counseling Services:
We offer new perspectives and new tools to help you and your partner break free of old tired habits and live more happily and harmoniously. Our desire is to help you experience the full loving potential of your relationship and to take your relationship to a new level of connection, honesty, respect and enjoyment. 

Our couple's sessions will bring you to the heart of the matter, facilitate great insight into your self and your partner and help you to understand the deeper story that fuels some of your most challenging dynamics.  We will provide you with tools by which to negotiate conflict and grow toward more loving acceptance and connection.  We help couples find their way toward one another and learn how to focus on the positive aspects of each other and their relationship.  We know the benefit of living in conscious, thriving relationship because our journey of the past 29 years has been to live that with each other.  Our work has grown from our experience, both personal and professional and we love sharing the principles and practices that have made a profound differences in our lives.  We know they work!

Our retreats offer couples an opportunity to spend a luscious weekend giving their relationship and each other the tending needed and deserved. 

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Undefended Heart Retreat


Pathways to Radiant Loving is all about couples and is a service that we offer through The Radiant Life Center.  This center is located in a lovely forest sanctuary on our home property in South Eugene. We love working here and giving couples the chance for a little time away to focus on what is most important to them.  

The beauty of the environment helps support the work that is being done and many experience it as a breath of fresh air in the midst of their busy days.

We invite you to call and schedule a visit!

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"I am deeply impressed with the wonderful way you helped us to  strengthen our relationship. Your standards are high, not only for us, but also for yourself. You say what needs to be said, and you listen when those magical moments happen. It takes extraordinary skill, but also capacity and humility to let the universe do its thing.  I feel blessed with having you in this time of transition and sacred work." TC

"We are so indebted to you both.  You have changed and are changing our lives.  You have helped us and continue to help us create a relationship that is loving, caring and most of all – honest."


Make your relationship a priority. Call today for an an appointment for a private couples session. Or, join us for our next retreat.
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Trinity Harris and Louis Carosio

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Counseling and Retreats for Couples in Eugene, Oregon

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